Just how does WAMC-FM spend
$7 million each year?
In this Age of Enron, Worldcom and creative accounting, do you really trust that WAMC-FM's self-appointed, permanent CEO and his hand-picked board-of-trustees have managed your contributions honestly? 
(If you do, I have the nicest bridge in Brooklyn for you!)
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Editor's Note: The reason dues-paying listeners don't have voting privileges to elect WAMC-FM's trustees is because the self-righteous Liberals who run the station don't trust democracy!  (If you can provide a better explanation, we'd like to hear it!)

View WAMC-FM's IRS Form 990's.
(IRS Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax)
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Fiscal Year 2008.  Just made public by IRS!
Fiscal Year 2007.
Fiscal Year 2006.
Fiscal Year 2005..
Fiscal Year 2004..
Fiscal Year 2003.
Fiscal Year 2002.
Fiscal Year 2001.
Fiscal Year 2000.
Fiscal Year 1999.

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  • More extensive financial data about WAMC and year-to-year comparisons can be obtained by visiting Guidestar.org's Web site -- Click Here!
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  • What WAMC doesn't tell its underwriters:
    Less power than you think!
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    Stations, Translators, and Wattage!*
    *Effective Radiative Power

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    Articles by the WAMC Pirates -
    TAX CHEAT!  How Alan Chartock conspired with WAMC to avoid paying IRS.

    Selected, not elected -- EVER!!!

    Me vs. Mario: A bad breaker-upper

    WAMC's  surplus pledge$$$ lavished on exec salaries

    UAlbany fails to enforce SUNY policy against Chartock for full-time 'moonlighting'

    WAMC  Boss breaks pledge to cancer survivor

    Press coverage was rigged at Cuomo/Pataki debate

    Hack Journalism: A Tale of Two Stories

    The matter of responsibility - WAMC's board of trustees

    Why did WAMC pull plug on staff E-mail?

    The boss takes a hike

    At 'not-for-profit'  public radio, how much is too much?

    Sexual Harassment at WAMC

    WAMC Admits Cancellation Morning Pro Musica Contract

    Eagle Editor-in-Chief Refuses to Retract False Morning Pro Musica Info

    Eagle Editor Defends WAMC Apologia

    Is this guy a hypocrite or what?

    Articles reprinted from elsewhere -
    Tax Abuse Rampant in Nonprofits, IRS Says

    Master  of  Your Own Domain

    'Auditorium of new WAMC studio named for Gt. Barrington woman' reprinted from The Berkshire Eagle

    'Radio on stage' reprinted from Albany Times-Union

    'Bank on it' reprinted from Metroland

    SUNY prof's radio jobs bring waves of static

    "Freespeech.com": Albany's Metroland reviews WAMC Pirate

    Robert J. Lurtsema, region's 'Pro Musica' host, dies at 68:  Obituary reprinted from the Boston Globe.

    Lurtsema's demise not WAMC's fault: The Eagle's "Apologia" for WAMC-FM

    Thank You, Robert J.: WAMC-FM salutes Lurtsema; kisses-off Morning Pro Musica.

    Long-timeWAMC host leaves the air: WAMC-FM Press Release

    Republicans trapped by gun issue: "I Publius" (March 24, 2000)

    "Street Talk": A WAMC  First: Alan Refuses Comment!!!

    Rogue sites: "I Publius" (April 1, 2000)

    Police can't silence the truth: "I Publius"  (February 12, 2000)

    Worthy Salaries: "I Publius"   (November 13, 1999)

    Letters to the WAMC Pirates
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    (Letters are arranged with the most recent posted at the top.)
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    'P.S.  Isn't it wonderful ....'

    Asks: A  WAMC Arts Center, Why?

    WAMC underwriter 'shocked'

    WAMC's News Dept. -- 'I wonder what else they haven't told me over the years?'

    Alan and the Merry Band at WAMC

    Loathing; praise; fear.

    Chair's Reply:WAMC Pirates protect letter writers- And for good reason!

    'Publish names!'

    Chair's reply: 'Where there is smoke, there's fire!'

    'Why aren't you going to the District Attorney?'

    Something great has happened!

    WAMC  listeners denied Robert J. memorial programming

    Re: Classical music under Chartock

    Classical music on WAMC fares poorly under Chartock

    Alan's Pets

    WAMC  is the best!

    Worked at WAMC  20 Months Too Long

    Sexual Harassment at WAMC

    Morning Pro Musica still on the air!

    SUNY-New Paltz Legislative Gazette--Controlled by Chartock in Albany

    WAMC   Insider is Fed-Up; Promises More to Come....

    Chair's Reply: Happy to Oblige!

    WAMC   Insider Seeks to Share Memories

    Publish WAMC's  IRS Form 990

    Flat_Hat: Chartock Never Wrote Back

    Chair to Flat_Hat: Chew on This!

    All Smarm All The Time

    It is "Our" Station, Right?

    Free Speech Advocates Don't Suffer Criticism Well

    Re: Alan's Jobs, Part 2

    Chair's Reply: Alan Chartock's jobs

    Alan's Got My Vote!

    Ultra-Nauseated by "Count Chartockula"

    Has someone gotten Chartock's attention?

    How can Public Radio be dominated by one person?

    WAMC has many good points, but.....

    To submit a letter to the WAMC Pirates or to express your views,
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    Letters reprinted from elsewhere -
    A plea for classical music

    Less radio talk, more classical music

    WAMC donor has had enough

    Return public radio to the Public

    Worrisome cutbacks of classical music

    Where is loyalty to loyal Lurtsema?

    Seek the quiet middle ground

    Using gun issue for political gain

    Chartock off  base on Court ruling

    You win Alan, now please stop

    Questions for Chartock

    Chartock makes himself the issue

    To submit a letter to the WAMC Pirates or to express your views, 
    Contact our Executive Pirate Director
    Contact WAMC's  board!
    Contact Alan S. Chartock
    Contact WAMC's board of trustees
    Contact The Pirates'  Blog

    "I Won't Tell If You Won't" Dept.
    TAX CHEAT!Alan S. Chartock
    How Alan Chartock conspired with WAMC to avoid paying IRS.

    Failure to report CEO's taxable 'perks' could leave trustees liable.
    By  G.M. Heller
    Washington, D.C.
    Originally published: Thursday, May 11, 2006
    For more than two decades, radio station chief executive Alan S. Chartock has been the recipient of expensive fringe benefits provided by his employer, WAMC Northeast Public Radio, benefits that consistently went unreported to IRS apparently in an effort by the public broadcaster to shield its CEO from having to pay income taxes on their value.
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    'Kiss-of-Death' does it again:
    Called the election for John Kerry 
    in June 2004!
    Also predicted US House and Senate were "in play for the Democrats.".
    Click Here!.

    Uh-oh, Hillary's in BIG trouble!
    K-o-D just gave her the BIG thumbs-up.
    Watch out Senator, K-o-D's on your side!.
    Click Here!.

    Please Alan, Just Keep Away!!!
    Hillary Clinton and California Senator Barbara Boxer in Monterey, CA -- ©1995 by Michael Maloney Photography

    Selected, not elected -- EVER!!!
    by G. M. Heller
    Washington, D.C.
    WAMC-90.3 FM  has a perennially self-appointed chairman and executive director -- but why is that?
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    SUNY Shenanigans 
    UAlbany fails to enforce SUNY policy against 
    Chartock for full-time 'moonlighting'.
    Is Prof an embarrassment to UUP?
    by G. M. Heller
    Washington, D.C.
    Wednesday, February 6, 2002
    Alan Seth Chartock has reason to be smiling.  He takes home more money annually than the Governor.  And the bulk of it comes from public coffers, from you the taxpayer.  But is it legal?
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    Also, see related letter:  'P.S. Isn't it wonderful .... '

    Me vs. Mario
    A bad breaker-upper
    Chartock banishes Cuomo from WAMC's Web sites
    by G. M. Heller
    Washington, D.C.
    Wednesday, April 17, 2002
    As splits go, this one was pretty messy.
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    Did you get a big pay raise last year?  They did!
    WAMC's surplus pledge $$$
    lavished on exec salaries
    Is this what they mean by not-for-profit?
    by  G. M. Heller
    Washington, D.C.
    Friday, March 01, 2002
    Whether WAMC 90.3-FM's listeners know it or not, their pledge dollars last year were used to fund some of the biggest salary increases in WAMC, Inc.'s 21-year history.
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    Wasn't it supposed to be called the Linda Norris Performing Arts Center? WAMC boss breaks pledge to cancer survivor
    by G. M. Heller
    Washington, D.C.
    Thursday, January 31, 2002
    Last year, it was announced on-the-air and in the press that WAMC Inc.'s proposed new performing arts center building was to be named after Great Barrington resident Linda Norris.
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    Did Pataki know?
    Press coverage was rigged at 1994 Cuomo/Pataki debate
    by G. M. Heller
    Washington, D.C.
    Updated:  Sunday, March 18, 2001  07:00 PM EST
    In a revelation that may shock some and come as no surprise to others, an informed source alleges that press coverage of the famous October 1994 ‘no-show' gubernatorial debate, between then three-term incumbent Governor Mario M. Cuomo and then freshman state Senator George Pataki, was rigged in advance by the organizer and moderator of the event, in order to favor Mr. Cuomo.
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    Hack Journalism:
    A Tale of Two Stories
    How the Albany media fail at the most basic level to do accurate and straightforward reportage on matters of corruption within NY State government.
    Go to Article

    Why did WAMC pull plug on staff E-mail?
    To find out, 
    Go to Article

    The boss takes a hike!
    'You too can get rich off the public trough just by using my sure-fire patented method!'
    by G. M. Heller
    February 22, 2001
    The following chart shows WAMC, Inc. chairman and executive director Alan S. Chartock's WAMC pay hikes each year, from fiscal 1989 up to and including fiscal 1999, as reported on WAMC's IRS Form 990 - Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax.
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    At 'not-for-profit'  public radio, how much is too much?
    Minding the store - or milking it?
    Getting rich off the WAMC golden goose --
    $500K fund drives don't even pay top six salaries!
    by G. M. Heller
    February 16, 2001
    It's next Friday February 23rd, and you're listening to WAMC Northeast Public Radio (of course!), and you're being asked to ante-up yet again for another WAMC fund drive. This one is being called the cyber-drive, a lead-in to THE BIG ONE the following week in which WAMC is asking the public to shell out $500,000, the station's highest goal yet for a single fund drive.
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    Sexual Harassment at WAMC
    To: WAMC Northeast Pirate Network -
    After listening to Fred Dicker's radio show the other morning on WROW 590-AM--he was talking about WAMC and he gave your site a free plug--I decided to write and let you know there is something you should know about the inner world of WAMC and Alan Chartock.
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    WAMC Admits Cancellation 
    Morning Pro Musica Contract
    by G. M. Heller
    June 10, 2000
    In an afternoon telephone interview at his WAMC Northeast Public Radio office in Albany on Wednesday, Alan S. Chartock, chairman and executive director of WAMC, admitted to cancellation of the contract between WAMC and WGBH in Boston to broadcast Morning Pro Musica, a long-running weekend classical music program.  Mr. Chartock's decision to stop broadcasting the popular program has caused many upset WAMC listeners to barrage local print media with letters.
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    Eagle Editor-in-Chief Refuses to Retract False Morning Pro Musica Info
    by G. M. Heller
    June 9, 2000
    "A Plea for Classical Music" is the title given to a poignant letter-to-the-editor published in The Berkshire Eaglethis past Tuesday, June 6th.
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    Interview with 
    Clarence Fanto/
    Eagle Editor Defends WAMC Apologia
    by G. M. Heller
    June 9, 2000
    With an air of Yankee certitude, Berkshire Eagle managing editor Clarence Fanto this past Monday (June 5) defended his decision to publish what he labels a "Commentary" apologizing for radio station WAMC 90.3 FM Northeast Public Radio's decision to cut back on classical music programming.
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    Is this guy a hypocrite or what?
    by G. M. Heller
    November 14, 1999
    (This editorial responds to Alan Chartock's column "I PUBLIUS" which was originally published in The Berkshire Eagle on Saturday, November 13, 1999.)
    Alan Chartock, in his diatribe about politicians and their hefty salaries ("Worthy Salaries", 11/13/99, The Berkshire Eagle), fails to mention that he too, skirts ethical boundaries on the very same issue.  Mr. Chartock, draws separate salaries for separate full-time jobs even though the written policy of his chief employer specifically forbids such "moonlighting" practice. 
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    Alan S. Chartock---Executive Director and Chair, WAMC Northeast Public Radio NetworkAlan Seth Chartock,
    president, chief executive and administrative officer 
    WAMC Northeast Public Radio, Inc.;
    professor emeritus of communications
    UAlbany-SUNY; date of birth: July 25, 1941.

    WAMC-FM  office address:
    318 Central Avenue
    Albany, New York 12206
    WAMC-FM  office mailing address:
    P.O. Box 66600
    Albany, New York 12206-6600
    WAMC-FM  office telephone numbers:
    518.465.5233 - ext. 150
    800.323.WAMC (9262) - ext. 150   (toll free) 
    518.432.6974 - Fax
    518.466.0973 - Cell Phone
    WAMC-FM  E-mail: alan@wamc.org

    UAlbany-SUNY  office address:
    Department of Communication - SS 322
    University at Albany, SUNY
    1400 Washington Avenue
    Albany, New York 12222-0001
    UAlbany-SUNY  office telephone number:
    UAlbany-SUNY  E-mail: chartock@albany.edu

    Residential address:
    51 Hollenbeck Avenue
    Great Barrington, Massachusetts 01230 
    Residential telephone numbers:
    518.466.0973 - Cell Phone

    To contact 
    WAMC's board-of-trustees,.
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