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To: WAMC Northeast Pirate Network
I don't know what you have against Alan Chartock, but I have listened to public radio stations all over the country and WAMC is, without a doubt, the best there is. I always look forward to returning to the WAMC listening area. I believe the quality of the programming is due to Alan's efforts over the years to create his vision of a radio station. WAMC has created a "community" of listeners just because it is so quirky and the fund drives are so idiosyncratic. For those who like the more traditional style there is always WMHT.

I will miss Robert J. Lurtsema, but I am pleased with the new format for the weekends. Now Alan has to find the new idiosyncratic classical radio show host who will inspire us, and prompt Alan to put more classical music into prime time!


Saturday, June 17, 2000

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