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(The following letter appeared in The Berkshire Eagle  in response to Alan Chartock's column "I Publius" published February 12, 2000.  It is reproduced here without permission.)
Questions for Chartock

To the Editor of THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE:-
I have a few questions for the egotistical Alan Chartock.

Were the police only targeting Channel 13?  If he watched Channel 22 news and Channel 10, he would have realized their cameramen photographed the search activities from a great distance.  This makes me think their news people heeded the requests of the Great Barrington police.

Mr. Chartock asks why the police didn't allow drug tests?  I do not recall any public officials or other residents ever asking for these tests.  I wonder if Mr. Chartock has ever been tested at SUNY or the WAMC radio station?

Why is Mr. Chartock so hard on the police force that he constantly belittles them?  He criticized three officers in the Ellerbee case several years ago, even though he did not have a clue what happened.

How does a man know so much about Great Barrington affairs when he spends the greatest part of his day in Albany? 

Please, Mr. Chartock, refrain from your mealy-mouthed accusations unless you can prove what you say is true. Furthermore, if Great Barrington is so bad, why don't you move over to Albany.  I doubt you would be missed here.

Great Barrington, Feb. 16, 2000
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