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Chair's reply: 'Where there is smoke, there's fire!'

(The following is a reply to a letter written by Robert Buckley, 'Why aren't you going to the District Attorney?' 
To read Mr. Buckley's letter, Click Here!)

Dear Mr. Buckley,
When it was first insinuated that United Way of America CEO William Aramony might be misusing that nationwide charity's funds, a lot of people, even on his own board, refused to believe the reports and poo-pooed the notion. 

Given Aramony's influence in his organization and his political connections in the Washington, DC area where the organization is headquartered, and given the likely political and financial fallout to the national charity were evidence of wrongdoing actually uncovered, many otherwise well-intentioned people tried to protect Aramony from further investigation. 

It did take some time, but Aramony was eventually convicted of stealing $600,000 from United Way's coffers, and was sent to federal prison.

If you are in a hurry for a criminal indictment regarding matters at WAMC, that is simply not the way criminal investigations into white-collar-crime work.

If you want evidence of what is going on within WAMC, I would suggest that you read the financial data that is being disclosed on the WAMC Northeast Pirate Network Web site: http://www.wamc.net/ 

This data is taken directly from WAMC's own IRS filings --IRS Form 990. 

The more you read, the more you will know, and the more you will be able to decide for yourself whether there is truth to the maxim:  "Where there is smoke, there's fire."

Incidentally, I get ZERO financial gain from operating the WAMC Pirate Web site - it takes a lot of time and even some modest expense. 

Neither am I affiliated with the so-called 'Right' or 'Left'.  I agreed to appear on Mr. Dicker's show because the Albany media are apparently either too timid or too co-opted to effectively investigate financial chicanery within the many politically-connected institutions operating within New York State's power and governmental corridor. 

Look how long it has taken to bring General Electric Company to task for its crimes of illegal dumping of harmful chemicals, notably PCB's for a period of 30 years, into the Hudson River. This should give you a sense of what it means to be politically-connected and politically-protected in Albany.  (For information about G.E.'s dumping, check out my other EGO Web site:

WAMC is certainly not the only New York outfit that the local media fail to investigate for fiscal
wrong-doing, fraud, waste and abuse of the system. S.U.N.Y. is a BIG target that nobody wants to touch; so is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; etc., etc.; there are plenty more I bet that you, as a local resident, could name in this regard.

Investigating goings-on at WAMC, S.U.N.Y., the Port Authority, etc. are not matters of 'Right' versus 'Left', or 'Left' versus 'Right', but simply bringing to light how taxpayers are being defrauded and public monies are being misused and even stolen.

Incidentally for your information, it would not only be the local District Attorney that would have
jurisdiction in the WAMC matter were there evidence of crimes, but also the U.S. Attorney's office in Albany.

This is because WAMC claims exemption from federal income taxes under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; further, the radio station is a federal licensee, and its fund-raising activities operate across state boundaries.

Best regards and I will post your letter on the WAMC.Northeast Pirate Network Web site.

G. M. Heller, Executive Pirate Director 
WAMC Northeast PIRATE Network
Tuesday, 20 February 2001 

(The above is a reply to a letter written by Robert Buckley, 'Why aren't you going to the District Attorney?' 
To read Mr. Buckley's letter, Click Here!)

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