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(The following letter appeared in The Berkshire Eagle  in response to Alan Chartock's column "I Publius" published February 12, 2000.  It is reproduced here without permission.)
You win Alan, now please stop

To the Editor of THE BERKSHIRE EAGLE:-
All Hail Alan Chartock. I have finally accepted him as my personal touchstone for opinions in all matters, great and small. 

I admit, I resisted feeling this way. When I came to the Berkshires in 1997, I was frankly puzzled by the Chartock presence.  I could not understand why the multiple views of one man should be set forth daily and weekly in print, radio and TV.  But his constant presence in all media has worn me out.  I give up, Alan.  You are right about it all.

I accept your Good (any Democrat), Bad (any Republican) and Ugly (anyone at any time that has or will say anything critical of Bill Clinton) theory of politics.

I really do believe that, based on your trip to Austria and an encounter with a hostile, elderly woman in the woods, you successfully predicted the takeover of Austria by Nazis.

I can parrot, without questioning them, your views on horse racing, gambling, and the fascist police department in Great Barrington.

I have incorporated your views on fast-food, exercise, racism, sexism, and police violence into my own mental framework.

And I have finally come to accept that George Pataki is second only to Ken Starr as the personification of evil!

And now that I have surrendered all my own views, can you stop?

Dalton, March 4, 2000
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