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Chair's Reply:

Alan Chartock's jobs

Dear Ms. Floor,
I understand exactly what you are saying.  Unfortunately, SUNY has a stated written policy against full-time tenured faculty "moonlighting".

Full-time, tenured faculty are forbidden from working full-time off-campus and receiving full-time compensation for that full-time off-campus work while simultaneously receiving their full-time salary from SUNY (whose budget comes from the taxpayers of the State of New York).

Full-time SUNY faculty know the rules when they agree to accept tenure.  Further, there is nothing preventing a tenured faculty member from quitting the University and working full-time in the private sector, probably for a lot more money than he/she receives from SUNY, but the faculty member cannot have it both ways, nor should they.

What is the point of University policy if it is going to be ignored, especially by those in leadership positions who, at minimum, should be setting the "standards" for compliance with University policy.

Very truly yours,

Glenn M. Heller, executive director & chair
WAMC Northeast Pirate Network
Monday, April 3, 2000

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