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SUNY-New Paltz Legislative Gazette--

Controlled by Chartock in Albany

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The Legislative Gazette (the weekly newspaper of New York State Government) is also part of Chartock's media empire. Alan is the publisher of this paper, and also writes the editorial, and some weeks as many as three to four of the articles within.  For something that is ostensibly the work of SUNY-New Paltz (there must not have been enough money in the SUNY-Albany budget), everything in the paper is controlled from Albany.

You can reach them at (518) 473-6482 or e-mail:  editor@legislativegazette.com.

I wonder why it is .com instead of .edu or .org ?

Anyway, I enjoyed your web-site, it was recently mentioned on Fred Dicker's radio show on WROW 590-AM.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2000

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