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To: Editor@berkshireeagle.net
I think it's very sad that this is the most constructive use you can find for your time.

Name Withheld By Request
Wednesday, 7 March 2001 

To: Name Withheld By Request -
Are you referring to the Berkshireeagle.net Web site?  If so, then you are correct because it is NOT the most constructive use I can make of my time, and that is why I have not updated that particular site in months and months.  BUT, if you want to see some REAL rip-snorting time wasters, check out http://www.wamc.net and http://www.hudsonwatch.net.

You truly cannot believe how much time I have wasted on those two Web sites.


Glenn M. Heller, execdir@wamc.net
WAMC Northeast Pirate Network
Wednesday, 7 March 2001

To: WAMC Northeast Pirate Network -
Well...Actually I was referring to the WAMC site---sorry for not being clear.  And I use the word 'was' for a reason.

My original message was written after a quick look at the collection of material about the radio station, but now it's clear to me that you've done an excellent job of presenting your views. 

Please accept my apology for criticizing your work. Whether or not I agree is far beyond the point.  And besides, it's hard not to like someone willing to take a few shots at G.E..

(Again, I would prefer not to post our correspondence. I work at one of the numerous concerns that employ Dr. Chartock.)

Name Withheld By Request
Thursday, 8 March 2001

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