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Sunday, November 14, 1999
Is this guy a hypocrite or what?

by G. M. Heller

(This editorial responds to Alan Chartock's column "I PUBLIUS" which was originally published in The Berkshire Eagle on Saturday, November 13, 1999.)
Alan Chartock, in his diatribe about politicians and their hefty salaries ("Worthy Salaries", 11/13/99, The Berkshire Eagle), fails to mention that he too, skirts ethical boundaries on the very same issue.  Mr. Chartock, draws separate salaries for separate full-time jobs even though the written policy of his chief employer specifically forbids such "moonlighting" practice. 

First, there is the hefty salary drawn for his position as fully-tenured professor at taxpayer-supported State University of New York (SUNY-New Paltz and Albany).  Next, the good "doctor" draws an equally hefty weekly paycheck (along with generous perquisites, a pension plan, and a healthy expense and travel account) in his role as executive director and chairman of WAMC-90.3FM, the so-called "Northeast Public Radio Network" (and let us not forget that WAMC is "listener-supported" and receives taxpayer-supported grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting). 

What all this means is that Mr. Chartock's acceptance of his WAMC salary package is in direct conflict with SUNY's strict rule against "moonlighting" by tenured faculty.  Simply put, SUNY's written policy forbids full-time, tenured faculty from having full-time extra-curricular employment. 

By his own words, it is clear that Mr. Chartock sees fit to apply standards to others which he does not see fit to apply to himself.  Now that is a definition of "hypocrisy" truly worthy of Webster's. 

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