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Selected, not elected -- EVER!!!

WAMC-90.3 FM  has a perennially self-appointed chairman and executive director -- but why is that? 

Under Alan S. Chartock's  management, WAMC, Inc., a tax-exempt corporation, has never allowed its listener-members (paid subscribers) to participate in an election of this 'public' radio station's leadership (its chairmanship or any other corporate officer) -- and why is that? 

For all his shrill self-righteousness, and his breast-beating Liberal talk about politicians who get 'selected' and not 'elected', Alan Chartock has never, NEVER, in twenty-plus years running WAMC, stood for election before his own WAMC membership.

What does this tell you about this hypocritical gasbag and his real views concerning elections and democracy, both corporate and otherwise?  (Doesn't he trust his own listeners?)

Is it any surprise to those who know him that Mr. Chartock lacks the guts to face a secret ballot?  His personal integrity is apparently in such short supply that he simply will not risk subjecting himself honestly to the will of his own WAMC electorate.

It is likely that the moon-lighting SUNY professor is afraid of losing his cushy public-radio salary, his WAMC company car, his expensive corporate perquisites, and of course, that easy access to a multi-state public soapbox to tell people what he thinks. 

Meanwhile, you can bet your bottom pledge dollar that for two decades he has laughed out loud all the way to the bank knowing just how easy it has been in this Age of Enron and WorldCom to sucker a very gullible - and very generous - listening public.

Think about these things next time you listen to WAMC's  all-knowing Political Commentator -- especially when he rants ad nauseam about all those in positions of public trust whom he accuses of being corrupt, power hungry, greedy and disingenuous.

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