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RE: 'Surplus WAMC pledge $$$ lavished on exec salaries'
WAMC underwriter 'shocked' 

To: WAMC Northeast Pirate Network - 
Ouch!!  Thank you for the information. I work with impoverished coffee farmers and indigenous peoples through my business and put a ton of money and time into serious development work overseas and at home. 

I gave (what to me seems) a lot of money to support WAMC-FM this year, but I am shocked to read your report.

I am even more shocked that the upper management of a non-profit information network is not being forthcoming about their internal workings.

Please keep the information coming. Can't you turn this over to '60 Minutes' or someone they can't ignore?

DEAN <dean@deansbeans.com>
Wednesday, March 06, 2002

(Editor's note: The writer is owner of Dean's Beans Organic Coffee Co. located in Orange, MA)

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©2002 WAMC Northeast Pirate Network®/