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Chair's Reply: Happy to Oblige!

You not only have my word on it, but I will post your material and attribute it exactly as you specify, and in any manner that you specifically instruct.  I understand fully your need and desire to protect your friends, and your and their WAMC relationships.

Further, I think that guaranteeing everyone's anonymity is the best way to assure a continuing flow of material and information about what's happening internally at the station. 

Further, if you would like to be a regular contributor to the website (anonymous of course), please be my guest.

For me, I prefer the role of editor (checking for punctuation, spelling, syntax, as well as doing
layout, while editorializing as little as practical).  I much prefer reading other people's material on the site.

I think my personal opinions would get stale mighty fast were I to allow myself to dominate the site or its content.   Reading what other listeners and contributors have to say makes it a far more interesting website and gives it far more credibility than if I were to constantly regurgitate my own views ad nauseum.

(Not like at WAMC, eh?  I only wish the powers-that-be at WAMC could understand this important editorial distinction in their own broadcast journalism.)

So let me know what you want to do and I will be happy to oblige, and thank you for your continuing interest and input.

Very truly yours,

Glenn M. Heller, executive director & chair
WAMC Northeast Pirate Network
Wednesday, May 10, 2000  12:03 PM

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