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Alan's got my vote!

Subject: Alan Chartock's jobs

To: WAMC Northeast Pirate Network
In today's world, and especially in the North Country, many people work several jobs, 
either for financial reasons or otherwise. Some of us can't decide which profession we like 
best, so we do everything we're interested in.  Getting paid for it is all the better.

After all, our governor (certainly not a friend to the small business owner, or to families 
struggling to meet bills) has decided that he can't live on his salary and hires himself out 
as a speaker on the cocktail-lobbyist circuit.  Is this any different than Alan Chartock 
being a professor and running a radio station?  Frankly, if Alan ran for governor, he'd 
have my vote! 

Crown Point, NY
Monday, April 3, 2000

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